Belleville MI Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air Duct Cleaning – Myths and Truths

Belleville Air Duct Cleaning professionals are taking the time to provide vital information to area residents and business owners.  This is a guide to determining when air duct cleaning is truly necessary.  There are several myths related to duct cleaning and sadly, many duct cleaning services are speaking them as truth to sell their service.

Common Myths Exposed - Truths Revealed by Bellville Air Duct Cleaners

Myth:  Duct cleaning is recommended each year to eliminate airborne contaminants and prevent mold related health problems

Truth:  There is no recommended cleaning schedule; however the NADCA ACR 2006 Standard does have a recommended inspection schedule which for residential systems is the following:

Air Handling Unit – 1 year
Supply Ductwork – 2 years
Return Ductwork/Exhaust – 2 years

Myth:  Discount duct cleaning companies only charge between $60 and $100 and the entire procedure is done in just an hour or two

Truth:  There is no reputable and qualified duct cleaning service that can possibly do the job right for this price.  This is a bait and switch technique, one of the most popular air duct cleaning scams being used today. 

Air duct cleaning can cost $450 to $1,000 per HVAC system, depending on the services needed, size of the HVAC system and the level of contamination.  The job can take four to eight hours to complete.

Myth:  Dust mites live in ductwork

Truth:  Dust mites do not live in ductwork

When Air Duct Cleaning is Necessary

Service by the Bellville Air Duct Cleaning Professional may be necessary in a home with a lot of dust and mold, but most average homes with modern, well-maintained furnaces and AC systems will rarely if ever require duct cleaning service.  Why would a company who makes a living cleaning air duct tell you this? 

Simple – we are honest and we know that people will remember us and recommend us for this one very important characteristic of a reputable service provider. 

Bellville Air Duct Cleaning Service and Inspections

According to the EPA, if residents are not suffering allergy symptoms and there is not a large amount of dust under registers and inside ductwork, then professional air duct cleaning is probably not necessary. If there is noticeable build-up and mold on the vents then a Bellville air duct cleaning professional should perform a thorough inspection and evaluation.

The type of duct work in a home can be a determining factor on deciding if duct cleaning service is needed.  The traditional bare sheet metal ducts without an insulating duct liner are not porous and will rarely trap moisture to the point of allowing mold growth.  If they should become contaminated, they are much easier to treat than nonmetal ductwork.

Ducts made of fiberboard or any type of flexible ductwork with some type of internal liner is more likely to trap moisture.  Once a fiberglass duct liner is contaminated, there is no EPA-registered product that can sufficiently treat this problem and prevent regrowth.  Wet or moldy fiberglass ductwork should be replaced.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services in Bellville

Duct cleaning services are advertised all over the place.  The duct cleaners to watch out for are the “blow-and-go” contractors who are unlicensed and not members of any trade association.  They will cite ridiculous myths and claims of EPA certification or approval, which are often bogus.  Worse yet, their inadequate equipment and techniques may cause more problems than they solve.  According to the EPA, these substandard jobs release more dust, dirt and contaminants into the air than simply leaving the ducts alone.  This service is a total waste of money, no matter how “cheap” it is.

Professional air duct cleaning, according to the NADCA, is to place the system under negative pressure with a powerful vacuum and use various brushes and cleaners to dislodge debris so it can flow into the vacuum. 

Duct Sealants and Sanitizers

Though the concept sounds good you need to be aware of its flaws.  Duct sealants are intended to coat duct surfaces and prevent dust and dirt from being released into the air. 

One problem is that the coatings sprayed into and operating duct system will not completely coat the surface.  The sealant could also affect the fire-retarding characteristics of fiberglass-lined ducts and invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

Belleville Air Duct Cleaning professionals understand the necessity of cleaning heat vents and air ducts.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about 40 pounds of dust accumulates in homes every year. The Bellville air duct cleaning technicians are highly trained and come with years of experience. We use state-of-the-art equipment and duct cleaning tools to do a complete cleaning of all the interior surfaces of your duct system, including main trunk lines to and from the furnace. We are your solution for clean indoor air.